7 qualities of a radio jockey


Known for his unique accent, he has estranged himself from other Radio Jockeys (RJ). He is also one of the oldest RJs in the country and is still going strong. Business Bhutan’s Kuenzang Wangchuk caught up with RJ Kinzang Wangchuk to discover the seven qualities he strives to achieve and maintain as an RJ.

People’s RJ

I call myself people’s RJ. People are like fodder to my soul. I have always loved being around them. May be that’s why I connect so easily with my listeners. Not to forget the passion I have for creating a world with music and dancing to the tune of happiness.


I would rate my experience of being a RJ ten on ten because I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. I have grown with it not only in terms of knowledge and experience but also in terms of my entire human avatar which would have been incomplete otherwise. And the best is that it has given me a whole new repertoire of friends.

Jockeying Voice

I must mention that any good RJ does not need a good voice at all. A “Good Voice” is a very subjective concept. There is no guarantee that a voice liked by me would be liked by someone else too. Voice alone, cannot be made the basis of a growing industry. Instead of the voice, there are many other things without which one cannot become a good RJ.

Command over language

A very good command over spoken languages is what I think is very important in order to become a good RJ. I have always tried to capitalize on the way I communaicate with my listeners. With many FM stations mushrooming in the country, a good command over the regional language is also a plus point. I have still to work on being fluent with languages other than English.

Listen and learn

Listening and learning more while talking less also helps you to become a better observer. I personally  feel that creative writing, general  knowledge on your local, international and national events, interest in movies, music and gossips make a faultless RJ. I think being sensistive toward the feelings of my listeners and having unfailing lover for all living ebings have helped me improve by the day.

Career rospects

Radio jockeying has really picked up steam as a prospective career in recent years. There is money to make in the radio business. The success, however, depends on the RJs who work for the station. This is because the content that different stations use may be the same, but the way it is delivered makes all the difference.

Being the voice

A radio jockey represents not only himself, but his radio station as well. In some cases, he/she is also the voice of the city and voice of the country. Most RJs are popular in their towns, cities and countries and this is achieved by identifying themsleves with the local populace. An RJ must also be skilled in conversing with members of his audience to make the conversations appealing.