Bhutan exports electricity worth over Nu 11.6bn to India

Bhutan exports about 75.5% of electricity generated in the country to India Bhutan exported electricity worth over Nu 11.6bn in the last nine months, according to the department of hydropower and power system. As of September, the four hydropower plants including the Chhukha hydropower plant, (CHP) Tala hydropower plant, (THP) Dagachhu Hydropower Corporation (DHPC), and […]

Vermi-culture: an untapped economic prospect

Vermi-culture is rearing earthworms and similar worms that are used to create organic fertilizer Vermi-culture is cultivation of earthworms that is used to create organic fertilizer. It is eco-friendly and free from chemical inputs and improves soil aeration, texture, and reduces soil compaction and promotes better root growth and nutrient absorption, amongst others.  According to […]