Royal Address evokes national sentiments

His Majesty’s address left many people thinking if they are doing their duties as they ought to In an unprecedented Royal address during the opening session of the Third Parliament’s eight session on November 4, 2022, His Majesty touched on several aspects of national interest, including the nation’s economy, challenges, opportunities, responsibilities, the transformation and […]

His Majesty’s Address to the Nation

Recently, I met a 27-year-old woman who has a four-year-old son. She works in a café, and makes Nu. 12,500 a month. Her house rent is Nu. 7,750. She is her family’s sole breadwinner. I was dismayed to hear about her struggles supporting her family and trying to make ends meet. Thimphu is seen as […]

Yet another wake-up call

Truth is said to be the oldest of all virtues; the bed rock of greatness and a powerful asset. We also talk about wisdom, which many say is the application of knowledge at the right time. It is a potent treasure. Compassion is another virtue espoused as the lotus in the pond. We then have […]