No extraordinary session of parliament

While important Bills will make the winter session of the parliament longer, civil servants express some concerns about the Civil Service Reform Bill 2022 The speaker of the National Assembly (NA), Wangchuk Namgyel had earlier said he is awaiting bills from the ministries to decide on holding an extraordinary parliament session or not. As there […]

The Nation’s Need – Transformation of the Self

The 23rd of September, 2022, has entered the annals of Bhutan as one of the most significant days in the nation’s journey. After two and a half years, our borders were opened. In other words, technically we were isolated from the world for the same period of time. If we did not feel the breeze […]

Govt’s three pronged approach to solve foreign reserve issue 

PM says the government may not need to implement the third phase but that execution of the second phase is a possibility The moratorium issued on August 18, this year by the government banning the import of selected vehicles as the nation’s foreign reserves depleted may not be the magic bullet to solve the issue […]