Land availability a major challenge for introduction of MBBS program

Sources say there are possibilities of relocating the RBP headquarters in order to provide space for KGUMSB in the pipeline One of the most important components of the 12th Five Year Plan (FYP) is the introduction of the MBBS (Bachelor of medicine, bachelor of surgery) program under the Khesar Gyalpo University of Medical Science (KGUMSB) […]

Rural-Urban drift

Perhaps, 90% of the world lived in rural areas before the industrial revolution. However, the world is becoming more urbanized. This is changing lives in fundamental ways. People’s earning method is different in urban areas than that in rural areas. People in rural areas generally own some land and agriculture is the mainstay of rural […]

Bhutan’s fiscal deficit estimated at 9% of the GDP

Government spending continues to accelerate economic recovery The country’s fiscal deficit is projected at 9% in this financial year, as government spending continues to accelerate economic recovery. This is according to the ministry of finance’s macroeconomic situation report. A fiscal deficit is a gap between the government’s total revenue and total expenditure which needs to […]