Revised Property Tax and Royalty to be tabled in the Parliament

The Finance Ministry will submit royalty revision, standardization, and changes in Property Tax to the government for deliberation in the Parliament The Ministry of Finance (MoF) has almost completed all works related to the revision of royalties imposed on different products and also the progressive increase of the Property Tax, which will be submitted to […]

The End of an Era

She saw it all; good and bad; the indomitable human spirit that took men to the moon, technological innovations that made the lives of humans easier; two World Wars, the Great Depression, the Financial Crisis, and the latest of all, the menace of the COVID 19 pandemic. Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II on Feb […]

Has the Finance Ministry been overridden?

Some agencies have refused to implement a notification signed by the finance minister concerning time extension of projects Contractors, who have been one of the most affected by the COVID 19 pandemic heaved a sigh of relief when the finance minister on June 21, 2022, issued a notification titled “rescheduling of the intended completion date […]