Economic growth

What economic growth really means? Our age is an age of economic growth combined with rapid population growth. Two dynamics have meant a massive expansion of economic activity; of total output produced on the planet each year and of course a massive increase in humanity’s impact on the planet. We are also seeing improved health. […]

Extraordinary session of the parliament in the pipeline

According to the speaker of the NA, the most likely bills that could be discussed in this session are those arising due to the transformation and restructuring exercises While there is still time for the 8th session of the Third Parliament or the Winter Session to be held, a special session could be held before […]

A test of one’s patience

As the Government is exploring options to procure two helicopters, a private entrepreneur has been waiting for five years to begin private helicopter services in Bhutan The introduction of helicopter services in the country especially for emergency medical purposes has saved several lives. On the other side, it has become a cab for highlanders living […]

Lost in Transformation – Bhutan’s 21st-century economy roadmap

Transformative initiatives focus on five priorities including technology, infrastructure, energy, water, and food, unlike the economic roadmap that had several priorities It has been three years now since the formation of a national task force to work on Bhutan’s 21st-century economic roadmap. The task force submitted a draft to the Gross National Happiness Commission Secretariat […]