Yongphula airport – a boon or a bane for tourism in the east?

While TCB is exploring the possibility of flights from India to Yongphula, in addition to chopper services from Paro, the feasibility of the airport is the region’s Achilles Heel. If everything goes as planned, the Yongphula domestic airport could see flights from Bagdora in West Bengal and Guwahati in Assam, India, packed with tourists landing […]

Money-Politics Nexus – a Danger for Bhutan’s Democracy

Observers agree that money (funds) have become an integral part of politics in Bhutan and that those without money may not even get the opportunity to participate as candidates In another milestone of Bhutan’s political journey, Druk Thuendrel Tshogpa (DTT) was officially registered as a political party on August 22, 2022, becoming the sixth political […]