Tax revenue expected to improve slightly this year

The CIT and sales tax were the highest contributors to the overall domestic revenue to the GDP With the anticipated improvements in economic activities during FY 2022-23, the buoyancy for the overall domestic revenue is expected to improve to 0.8 and the buoyancy for tax revenue is also estimated to improve by 2.07. Finance minister […]

Enterprising for purpose

My business partner, Sonam Rinchen, and I have been nurturing the iBEST and our colleagues for more than eight years. We hope to build a long-lasting institution that will benefit Bhutan, Bhutanese, and beyond. In these eight years, and still today, as we hustle every day and make sure that the company survivesand that our […]

Stock exchange spots Nu 80mn in unclaimed dividends

Not updating information accounted for unclaimed dividends The Royal Securities Exchange of Bhutan (RSEBL) has found a total of around Nu 80mn unclaimed dividends with the 19 listed companies since 1993. This is because the accounts holders do not update information with the banks and this has accounted for more unclaimed dividends. The chief executive officer (CEO) of RSEBL, […]