Bhutan to grow by 7.5% in FY23 on strong investment

The projection is as per the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Bhutan is likely to maintain its position as the fastest-growing major economy with the ADB outlook projecting a growth rate of 7.5% for FY2022-23 on strong investment prospects. The Asian Development Bank Outlook 2022 states that Bhutan’s growth in the next fiscal year FY23 will […]

Fall and rise of Bhutan’s economy growth

The current projections for the country’s economic growth rate are estimated to be around 3.5-4% this year. These are being highlighted by government sources as signs of a remarkable recovery in the shape of a ‘V’. The nation’s obsession with macroeconomic growth rates diverts attention from a serious discussion of other important macroeconomic trends. As […]

Inward remittances hit all-time high in March

Inward remittances has seen a growing trend since 2018 Remittances from Bhutanese living abroad hit the highest level for a single month in March this year compared to the March months of the last five years. Statistics from the Royal Monetary Authority (RMA) shows that it has increased almost by 27% compared to March of […]