PM graces Salang Tendrel ceremony of Yungichhu Hydropower Project

The estimated project cost is Nu 3,565mn In what is a significant milestone for Bhutan’s hydropower sector, Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering graced the Salang Tendrel ceremony at the powerhouse of the 32MW Yungichhu Hydropower Project in Maetsho gewog, Lhuentse. At an estimated project cost of Nu 3,565mn, the Yungichhu Hydropower Project is expected to […]

GoI considers special trade concessions for Bhutan

The restriction on the import of potatoes from Bhutan has been lifted with effect from July 4, 2022, up to June 2023 Among the various trade-related requests made by the government to the Government of India (GoI), the latter has recently made a special exemption for Bhutan by lifting the restriction on the import of […]

Govt. yet to discuss points submitted by BCCI

The BCCI has submitted a series of recommendations to the PMO and the Finance Ministry following the announcement from the RMA about the ending of tenure for interest waiver The Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) is waiting for consideration from the government regarding the points they submitted as post-June measures for businesses in […]

Jaigaon residents excited over Bhutan reopening borders in September

All the border gates across the country were closed starting from 6am on March 23, 2020 The announcement by the government to reopen borders in September has brought excitement to the residents of the border town of Jaigaon, India. The Tourism Council of Bhutan shared a press release on June 29 to reopen borders on […]

MoE brings back common exams from this year

The ministry will reintroduce the common exam for class VIII from this year The Ministry of Education (MoE) has decided to reintroduce the common examinations for the students of Class VIII and Class VI. Accordingly, Class VIII students will be appearing for their common exam this year, and the common exam for Class VI will […]

CBOs come to the rescue of single mothers and women

There are reportedly around 98 cooperatives, 640 farmers’ groups, and 850 forestry groups registered as CBOs in the country As the wind whips up dust along the Thimphu-Phuentsholing highway, a woman and her three years old child are in a tiny shop built of bamboo and plywood trying to sell mushrooms to commuters. The woman […]

Bhutan to declare Covid-19 ‘endemic’ only after WHO

Dr. Sithar Dorji says they could declare the Covid-19 pandemic as endemic only after the disease, the variants and all are stabilized like the influenza virus, for instance like the H1N1 pandemic While the detection of Covid-19 cases in the community has decreased today and the government has allowed more latitude by lifting a majority […]