Tour operators worried about number of tourist arrivals

With the new Tourism Levy Bill of 2022, tourist expenditure in Bhutan will increase by at least 50% Many tour operators are anticipating a fewer number of tourist arrivals in the country now with the Nation Assembly adopting the new Tourism Levy Bill of 2022, which mainly consists of an increased Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) […]

The reputation of a high-end tourist destination

It is a heartening news that Bhutan will reopen its borders in September to welcome tourists after a hiatus of more than two years because of the Covid-19 pandemic. As the country reopens to tourism, one certain thing we can expect going by the recent reforms that have occurred in the sector is that the […]

USD hits highest level against Bhutanese Nu

One USD was valued at Nu 77 in May this year If an individual wants to buy USD from a bank, the rate is Nu 77 for USD 1. If a person wants to sell USD to a bank, he or she could fetch Nu 80 per USD. One USD was valued at Nu 77 […]