Fund from international lenders drops in March

The government received 5% of the total estimates as the economy continued to recover from the coronavirus lockdowns Despite the government’s estimated borrowing of Nu 6.08bn from international lenders in the form of program and project-tied borrowings, the amount received was about 5% of the total estimates. This is according to the Budget Performance Report […]

Knowing about the different fraudulent schemes

Oblivious to many, there seems to be an emergence of business and marketing frauds that come poised as legit businesses and rob the people of their hard works’ money. One such scheme, the Enagic machines or Kangen water filter business in the country, has been divulged by the Office of the Consumer Protection (OCP) earlier […]

Tour operators excited to welcome tourists during autumn season

Bhutan received only one tourist with the mandatory 21-day facility quarantine in 2021 With the government announcing its aim to open up tourism for the autumn season, many tour operators, who have suffered without any businesses for more than two years now, are jubilant and say they are happy to welcome tourists during the autumn […]