Vaccination plays an important role against Covid-19: Dr Sithar Dorjee

The 16th death due to Covid-19 was recorded on April 13 With almost everyone who died from Covid-19 in the country being either unvaccinated or partially vaccinated, a member of the Health Ministry’s Technical Advisory Group (TAG), Dr Sithar Dorjee said vaccination plays an important role against Covid-19. “There is a big difference whether you […]

Dealing with unknown online businesses

The ways businesses are done today are transforming or have transformed with the development in information and communication technology, and especially with the advent of online and social media. Instead of having to physically visit a shop or a store today, one can see numerous and different businesses selling a myriad of products online on […]

Economic activities expected to resume in full swing – Economic Affairs Minister

The budget spending for the next FY will be towards jobs, infra, agriculture, private sector, and energy, according to the minister The economic pressure is expected to gradually ease in the country though the fuel prices have hit the country untimely posing a hurdle to a good progress. However, Economic Affairs Minister Loknath Sharma said […]