RAA recommends MoF to come up with proper guidelines regarding GRF

As per the national budget report, the reserve is an amount set aside to cover unplanned, unavoidable and unanticipated future expenditures In a press release issued by the Royal Audit Authority (RAA) and titled ‘AAR 2020-21’ on Thursday, the RAA highlighted the issue related to the General Reserve Fund (GRF) and urged the Ministry of Finance (MoF) […]

With profound gratitude!

In unquestionably another proud and happy moment for all Bhutanese, people from all walks of life and every nook and cranny came together as we celebrated the country’s 114th National Day. Indeed, it was a special day and a different one too. Usually the main celebrations until now have been held at the Changlimithang Stadium […]

Budget irregularities rose by 184% in 2021

Irregularities relating to the shortfall, lapses, and deficiencies were observed with financial implications amounting to Nu 1.5bn of which hydropower accounted for 28.92%, according to the annual report of the Royal Audit Authority (RAA). Further, non-compliance to Laws, Rules, and Regulations had irregularities worth Nu 2.3bn of which hydropower accounted for 71.39%. The RAA in […]