Fixing accountability is important

The flaws in the government procurement system have once again been highlighted by the Annual Audit Report 2020-2021 of the Royal Audit Authority (RAA). The finding that the government’s procurement system is plagued with irregularities is nothing new. Many past Annual Audit reports of the RAA have been publishing such irregularities year after year, but little […]

Punatsangchu-I dam site abandoned to build a barrage

The government invested around Nu 23bn on Punatsangchu I dam site The current Punatsangchu I dam site will be abandoned as a third party foreign expert has recommended that the Punatsangchu I project abandon its current dam site and instead build a barrage upstream, disclosed Economic Affairs Minister Loknath Sharma.  Building a barrage upstream is […]

Opposition urges government to reassess current plan

On the scale of priority, the bye-election constituencies have been given more importance over other constituencies, according to the Opposition Party The government needs to reassess the reprioritized and de-prioritized plan activities to ensure that the implementation of the current plan meets its ultimate objective of equitable and balanced development, according to the Opposition Party, […]