OCP finds no flaws in vehicle delivery and advance booking fee issues

The team visited around eight authorized vehicle dealers to verify complaints from the consumers With complaints on social media from the aggrieved consumers against authorized vehicle dealers in the country for taking an abnormally long time to deliver pre-ordered vehicles and having to pay large upfront advance booking payments, a team from the Office of […]

LG elections are important too!

With the second Local Governments (LGs) having completed their term last month, officials from the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) and aspiring local candidates are busy today in the Dhamngoi Zomdus (selection of candidates) for the third Local Government (LG) elections, which is scheduled on December 22. The Dhamngoi Zomdus, which began on November 3, […]

National minimum wage rate to be revised by beginning next year

The last minimum wage rate was revised in 2014, which is to Nu 125 per day The national minimum wage rate, which the government has pledged to increase to Nu 450 from Nu 125, will be revised from the beginning of next year.  During the winter parliament session in January 2020, Prime Minister Dr Lotay […]