Hike in vegetable prices leaves residents exasperated in P/ling

Many Phuentsholing residents, especially in the low income group, are complaining about the recent hike in prices of vegetables in the market. They say that they cannot afford to buy whatever they want like in the past. As Business Bhutan talked to some of the vegetable vendors in Phuentsholing, they say that the price rise […]

Higher inflation makes consumers pay more for food, rents, fuels

There is an increase in fuel prices (petrol and diesel) by around 19.31% in September Inflation has increased solidly in September as Bhutanese paid more for food, rents, and fuels. In September, consumer prices rose to 0.26%, more than expected, and pushed the year-over-year gain to 4.97%, according to the latest data on the Consumer […]

Budget utilization in first quarter of current FY at 10%

The increase in resources is the incorporation of Nu 1,255mn through donor support The capital budget for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2021-22 has been revised at Nu 39.577bn through re-prioritization and nationalization of activities, according to the budget performance report for the first quarter of the FY. The actual capital expenditure reported in the first […]

House owners find it difficult to get tenants in P/ling

People say the rents are higher or the locations are unfavorable The busiest commercial hub in the country today is suddenly seeing a lot of empty spaces as building owners are unable to find tenants to occupy their properties. Building owners in Phuentsholing that Business Bhutan talked to attributed it to the extended lockdown in […]