Six entrepreneurs to raise fund through Kuen-Phuen financing

The financing scheme provides grants and loans that are interest, guarantor and collateral free Six entrepreneurs are raising funds through the Kuen-Phen financing platform, which went live for fundraising on August 16.    Kuen-Phen is a not-for-profit undertaking spearheaded by the Royal Monetary Authority (RMA) in collaboration with the Royal Securities Exchange of Bhutan (RSEBL) […]

‘Our tourism policy will continue to be relevant for all times to come’

Director General of the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) Dorji Dhradhul discusses the unique tourism policy and practice of the Kingdom of Bhutan, highlighting the continued and increased relevance of Bhutan’s tourism model in a world that is confronted with challenges of climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic. Q. What is our tourism policy? A. […]