Goods and services 8.69% costlier compared to last year

The Purchasing Power of Ngultrum (PPN) as measured by the CPI is Nu 64 as of May 2021 compared to December 2012 The country’s inflation rate, as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), rose by 8.69% in May due to higher food prices when compared with a year ago. However, the CPI decreased by […]

Graduates wait to travel for PE exam

Phuentsholing has been under lockdown since April 17 University graduate students, who are stranded in Phuentsholing, are waiting to be quarantined so that they could travel to Thimphu to appear for the Preliminary Examination (PE) which is scheduled on August 15 this year.  Meanwhile, Phuentsholing is still under lockdown since April 17 and the second […]