Second dose must to complete required vaccine efficacy – health ministry

The first dose, it is said, gives only half of the total protection The first dose of the Covid-19 jab gives only about half of the total protection that the vaccination is supposed to give and the second dose is, therefore, must to complete the required vaccine efficacy, according to an official from the health […]

Insurance scheme needed to protect farmers

Despite the impact on businesses and livelihoods, an important effect of the Covid-19 has been the realization of the importance of agriculture, and growing our own food and vegetables. The signs are ostensible today as vast swath of fallow areas in different parts of the country have been turned into agricultural farms. There is also […]

Druk Drayang Association requests for rent compensation

Eight Drayangs in the country have closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing the closure of entertainment businesses for more than a year, the Druk Drayang Association (DDA) has requested the Prime Minister, urging the government to compensate them for the rent that they have paid so far. The association has […]