Bhutan’s Rice Bowl being emptied of bounty

The age-old Punap tradition of cultivating rice twice a year has now changed to once a year All is not well with Bhutan’s Rice Bowl, Punakha Dzongkhag. Farmers who mainly depend on rice for food and income are facing a gamut of problems and more recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to more challenges causing […]

Dream come true for one of the most water-scarce gewogs

A Green Climate Fund project worth Nu 187mn will solve the short supply of irrigation water Forty-four year old Kinley Dendup and his family including four children are taking a meal of imported white rice. This is the first time that imported rice has taken place of red rice on their plates because local rice […]

High-quality masks for better COVID-protection

As the number of Coronavirus infections worldwide crosses 106.6mn with 2.33mn deaths, scientists developing vaccines for the virus are “not clear whether or not the world needs a new set of vaccines to fight different variants of the coronavirus but scientists are working on new ones so there is no reason for alarm,” reported The […]