Domestic winter vegetable production fails to substitute imports

Thimphu alone has consumed 504MT of imported vegetables during the second lockdown The agriculture ministry expects to produce more than 8,987MT of winter vegetables in the seven southern dzongkhags to substitute imports, but currently domestic winter vegetable production in the country is failing. Thimphu alone has consumed 504MT of imported vegetables during the second lockdown. […]

First dose of vaccines expected to arrive by March: Foreign Minister

50 to 100 to be vaccinated from the first consignment After the first consignment, the remaining 400,000 plus doses of vaccine required for the roll out is expected to arrive by March as assured by India, said Foreign Minister Dr Tandi Dorji. Bhutan received the first consignment of 150,000 doses of Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccine also known […]

COVID-19: Tackling emerging challenges

Even as Bhutan receives its first consignment of COVID-19 vaccines from India, we are faced with new, emerging challenges to tackle the virus. The new strain of the Coronavirus (N501Y) which was detected in the UK first has reportedly been detected in at least 60 countries. While innovating the COVID-19 vaccines in so short a […]

MHRT records 265 cases beginning second lockdown till January 19

Of the 265 cases reported, 18 cases were from the isolation wards and three from quarantine facilities The Mental Health and Psychosocial Response Team (MHRT) in Thimphu recorded a total of 265 cases beginning second lockdown till January 19, 2021. A Ministry of Health (MoH) official said that the majority of callers were aged 18-40 […]

MoEA identifies strategies to revive the economy

Economic Affairs Minister outlines a gamut of strategies identified by the ministry to revive the economy The COVID-19 has stalled the economy as a whole and in particular, trading, hotel and tourism, and the construction sector. Along with it, cottage and small manufacturing units have taken a severe hit. However, according to the Minister of […]

Govt. should focus on productivity-related growth, says economist

With the impact of COVID-19 on the economy following the second lockdown, professor in economics at the Royal Thimphu College. Sanjeev Mehta said the government should focus on productivity-related growth to help recover the economy. He said the challenge is to ensure early recovery of the economy. “It is not an easy task. Countries throughout […]

Value of stock exchange in secondary market decreases last year

The decrease in value is due to decrease in price of shares as compared to 2019 The value of stock exchange in the secondary market decreased last year as compared to 2019. However, the volume of shares traded increased. Last year, 24.68mn shares were traded for Nu 863.07mn and in 2019, 23.61mn shares were traded […]

19th Annual Film Awards to be held on February 21

Films covering both 2019 and 2020 will be judged separately for the two years The National Film Commission of Bhutan (NFC) will organize the 19th Annual Film Awards of Bhutan (previously referred as the National Film Awards) on February 21, 2021, coinciding with the 41st Birth Anniversary of His Majesty The King as a tribute […]

1, 206 stranded in Thimphu return home

A week after the COVID-19 mass testing in Thimphu began and till date, 1,206 people stranded in the capital were sent back to their respective homes. After the extension of the second lockdown, the Prime Minister’s Office announced the revised SOP for stranded people and for emergency cases: stranded people who want to travel out […]

Women entrepreneurs discuss ways to emerge out of Covid-19 pandemic

Different women entrepreneurs have been affected differently by the pandemic As the Bhutanese economy grapples with the Covid-19 pandemic, women entrepreneurs say they have been bracing the situation in their own ways with no specific intervention to support them. The fact is that they are also hit by the pandemic differently than the rest. This […]