Way forward for media is to integrate traditional and new journalism, say professionals

With the media gasping for breath and trying to survive through COVID times, media professionals are of the opinion that journalists should synergize traditional and new media platforms so that media does not remain in the ancient ages, and would manage to at least perform its mandate. Traditional journalism refers to mainstream media journalism, where journalistic […]

Health ministry confident about COVID-19 second wave preparedness

MoH has used Nu 1.2mn on COVID infrastructures so far and no separate budget has been allocated for the second wave Not much is known about the surge in COVID-19 cases during the winter but just in case, the government is preparing additional health infrastructure to fight against the pandemic in case there is a […]

Bhutan Baseball and Softball league to kick off in 2021

Bhutan Baseball and Softball is in the process of establishing its first inter scholastic league from 2021. Bhutan Baseball and Softball is a community association including youth practices and games for those aged between 6-18 years old, local club teams with members aged above 16 years and an adult national league aged above 18. All […]

‘Let’s Cook For Ama’ cookbook series launched

Women play a crucial role in feeding their families. To celebrate and appreciate this important role played by mothers, wives and sisters and also to equip children and other family members with basic know-how of cooking, Britannia Cheese launched ‘Let’s cook for Ama’ cookbook series on November 11. Coinciding with Children’s Day celebrations in Bhutan, […]