A bungalow under Nu 1mn in three months

If you dream of owning a nice and comfortable house within budget and time, Falcon Bhotania Bhutan Private Limited can make your dream come true. Falcon Bhotania, a subsidiary of Thuenlam Private Limited is a commercial organization in a conventional sense yet its sphere of performance is multidimensional as the organization is in pursuit of […]

Agriculture-among the most viable alternative livelihood options amidst coronavirus

As employees have been laid off and incomes affected by the COVID19 pandemic, the Bhutanese are seeing agriculture as one of the most viable alternative livelihood choices, according to the Rapid Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of COVID-19 on Bhutan’s tourism sector. To add to the impetus, the Indo-Bhutan border gates are sealed; therefore arrival of essential […]

Urban to rural migration may increase

Moving back to villages was the second most popular choice for coping with the COVID crisis reported by self-employed individuals and the third most popular choice among employees, according to the rapid socio-economic impact assessment of COVID-19 on Bhutan’s Tourism sector 2020. Working in agriculture was the most popular choice for alternative employment among the […]

Public cautioned about cyber-crimes amidst coronavirus

The Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) has cautioned the public on cyber-threats with the global surge of digital crimes and work-from-home culture around the world during the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. “Most of the Bhutanese are not internet security conscious and are not keeping abreast of latest internet crime and their preventions measures and they are therefore, […]

School stipend to fund budget for hand washing amenities

Since installing enough hand washing stations and hand sanitizers in the schools as preparedness to combat COVID-19 pandemic is a prerequisite for their reopening, the government will be utilizing the school stipend budget. We have not used the school stipend budget due to closure of schools, the Education Minister, Jai B. Rai said. “The budget […]