Housing units in T/Phu in surplus but highly unaffordable

The availability of housing unit stock in Thimphu appears to be in surplus when compared to the estimated households residing inside the municipality area, according to the performance audit report on urban planning and development in Thimphu Throm, 2019. However, the majority of the house unit stock belongs to the private sector and weak acceptance […]

Can Bhutan maintain 60% of its land under forest cover?

With more than 70% of its total land area under forest cover and rich forest biodiversity, Bhutan is probably one of the few countries in the world to come under the spotlight for its stringent environment conservation. Bhutan’s Constitution mandates that 60% of the country must remain under forest cover for all times to come but […]

Pandorabiz opens way for online promotion of businesses

In a world of fast everything driven by technology and modernization, an entrepreneur has innovated an online marketing and advertising platform on Facebook. PandoraBiz.com, launched by Sandeep Rai Chamling on January 1, 2020 is a marketing and advertising agent that helps business owners within and outside the country to advertise and promote locally and internationally. […]

Nu 0.247bn spent for the 11th FYP

The overall expenditure for the 11th FYP was Nu 0.247bn of which the total current expenditure was Nu 0.115bn. Capital expenditure accounted for Nu 0.108bn, according to the review report on implementation of the 11th five year plan. The report also states that Nu .001bn was for lending and Nu 0.23bn for repayment of loans. […]

Comprehensive policy direction for micro-finance development needed

Micro-finance institutions (MFIs) in the country have no policy objectives although there are rules and regulations governing operations of institutions and no clear linkage between microcredit distribution and poverty incidences. According to the performance audit report of the Royal Audit Authority (RAA) on microfinancing findings pointed out there are only about 5% of total loans […]

Amochhu water treatment plant ongoing under water flagship program

The Gross National Happiness Commission (GNHC) said that assessment for River Bank Filtration for Amochhu Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in Phuentsholing is ongoing with experts from Germany from March 2 to 6 under the water flagship program. Sharing the key updates of the flagship program updates for February on March 5, water flagship program’s coordinator, […]

Inadequacies remain in judiciary: RAA

Making a conclusion on the judiciary system and practices in the country from 2012 to 2016, the Royal Audit Authority (RAA) concluded in their review report that inadequacies continue in the legal and institutional framework, human resources, operational areas and case management besides other areas. The RAA carried out the review to determine the efficiency […]

NC decides to withdraw Impeachment bill

In the 33rd sitting of the National Council (NC), with 22 members present and voting the House collectively decided to withdraw the Impeachment Procedure Bill of the Kingdom of Bhutan 2019 with the statements of reasons as proposed by the Natural Resources & Environment Committee (NREC). The Chairperson of the NC, Tashi Dorji, decided to […]