Narrowing The Gap – W I D E R! – Yeshey Dorji

Few nights back a number of us long time friends and acquaintances were gathered at a bar for a friendly session of drinking – some beer, some whiskey and one among us, plain hot water. As the evening progressed, there began a vigorous discussion on a number of topics – both relevant as well as […]

Online business: A threat to shopkeepers

A group of girls are engrossed in their phone. They browse the screen with great excitement as they do “online shopping” viewing photos of the products, along with product specifications, features and prices. Various online shopping websites such as Air BNB, Alibaba, eBay, Myntra and B-bay-buying and selling are increasingly becoming popular among the buyers. […]

New multi-parking spaces yet to be used optimally

Two Multi-Level Car Parks (MLCP) that can accommodate a total of 570 cars have been constructed in town with a budget of Nu 65mn but they are hardly in use. The new multi-level car parks are located near the Thromde Office and near the Zangtopelri Complex. MLCP will be fully operational from mid-July. The MLCP-1 […]

Lyonchhen meets taskforce members of 21st roadmap century

Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering met with the national taskforce members who will work on the 21st century economic roadmap for the country on Thursday. The taskforce members are from different backgrounds like business, economy, lectures, hoteliers and IT working beyond civil services. Taskforce members met for the first time with the Lyonchhen, though they […]

Income Tax Bill 2020 could impact nation’s economic self-reliance: NC

The National Council (NC) recommended that Income Tax (Amendment) Bill 2020 could seriously impact the national goal of economic self-reliance and create more deficits at this time. In this context, NC’s Economic Affairs Committee (EAC) proposed two options to the house, either not to pass the Bill in its entirety or to pass with amendments […]