Bhutanese pornography gains popularity in WeChat groups

It’s no secret that porn is everywhere, and now with it dominating WeChat app in particular, porn seems to be shooting up in popularity. However, there are no reported hard numbers to be found on the amount of Bhutanese porn clips being circulated especially in WeChat app. Computer pornography is a distribution of an obscene […]

31 e-commerce licenses issued since last year

More are expected to be issued in the coming years with the launch of e-commerce guidelines The Department of Trade has issued 31 e-commerce licenses to operate online based businesses since last year. The department started issuing the licenses from July last year after launching e-commerce policy guidelines. The Department of Cottage and Small Industry […]

Local firm tries to fill in the gap for construction workers

Despite the construction industry in Bhutan having a huge potential to generate employment for Bhutanese construction workers, most of the workers are from neighboring country, India.  To break this code, all Bhutanese team of construction workers and professionals have formed a construction company, Dash (-) builders. The team is up to do any sort of […]

Fixing accountability for people gone missing

Missing of people especially children has evoked extreme reaction in social media as in the case of the two minor girls-one in Paro and another in Dechencholing, Thimphu recently. However, the eight years old was sexually assaulted before being murdered and the cause of death of the 10-year-old is not yet established. This raises the […]

Car sale drops last year

Vehicle sale in Bhutandropped last year, but the number still passed the healthy revenue generator for second hand cars brokers. Vehicle showrooms sold more than 1,500 new cars. Although buyers spent more on vehicles, showrooms had to prop up sales with record discounts, according to vehicle sold report 2019. Following a long trend, around 70% […]