Learn to create your own perfect moments! – Vinita DawraNangia

Are there moments in life that can be called perfect? In retrospect yes, but moments whose perfection you are aware of even as you live them? Can you recall some such perfect moments? What makes them perfect? Was it the innocent look of total trust in your child’s eyes looking up at you? Was it […]

Opposition to wait until govt. comes out with final report on pay revision

DPT has assured all that the opposition will perform their duty to the best In the wake of several media approaching the opposition party, the DrukPhuensumTshogpa (DPT), and seeking their views on the proposed pay revision of public servants by the Pay Commission, the party has maintained that they have not made any specific comments […]

PM graces opening ceremony of Vajrayana conference in Zhichenkhar

The three-day conference will end today Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering graced the opening ceremony of the 3rd International Conference on Vajrayāna Buddhism at Zhichenkhar in Langjopakha Thursday evening. Addressing the three-day conference organized by the Centre for Bhutan Studies & GNH and the Central Monastic Body of Bhutan, Lyonchhen welcomed the participants from over […]

ADB outlines challenges for Bhutan in responding to fiscal pressures

The report recommends reducing the large number of existing exemptions to enable more revenue to be raised and removing tax holidays While Bhutan has made significant progress in improving its economy and reducing poverty over the past three decades, primarily driven by the public sector, how it responds to fiscal pressures would be the challenge […]

Solar fencing makes life easier for Pangthang villagers

Solar fencing has eased the lives of farmers in Pangthang village as they no longer have to spend sleepless nights in their farmhouses guarding crops. With more than 3Km solar fencing installed around the main cultivated land in Pangthang village under Kanglunggewog, life has become easier for villagers. In this clustered village, potato is the […]

To pay or not to pay

The pay revision proposed by the Pay Commission is in the hands of the government. They will soon decide the shots. But one thing that is clear is that the “wow factor” is missing. DrukNyamprupTshogpa’s pledge to revise the payment of civil servants may have found fulfillment but the requisite criterion to evoke shock waves […]

Dewathang-Gomdar MP disappointed with work done by last government

The progress of the works of the past five years is very disappointing, concluded Member of the Parliament (MP) from Dewathang-Gomdar constituency Ugyen Dorji upon the completion of his three-week visit to his constituency. After travelling the length and breadth of his constituency, and spending hours with the local people, where he patiently listened and […]

Opposite Effect: Pay Commission’s recommendation to widen the gap

The financial implication of the pay revision is estimated at Nu 17.9bn over the next four years The Fourth Pay Commission’s recommendations, if implemented as it is, are likely to further deepen income disparity in the country instead of narrowing the gap between the haves and the have-nots. The Pay Commission has recommended 29% to […]

Widening works at Narphung affects commuters & residents

Frequent roadblocks at Narphung on the way from Trashigang to SamdrupJongkhar highway, cause inconvenience to both the commuters plying the highway and the villagers residing below the highway. Widening work along the 180km stretch from Trashigang to SamdrupJongkhar at Narphung has left two gewogs, Gomdar and Wongphu affected by falling boulders and landslides that keep […]

Doksum residents to shift to new town by year end

Residents of Doksum town in Trashiyangtse will have to shift to the new township by year end. The residents were supposed to shift to the new township by October in 2018 but the deadline has been extended following a request from the people. They had previously extended the deadline from 2016 to October last year. […]