BAFRA seizes over 10MT of banned vegetables

Over Nu 7mn has been collected in fines from smuggling of banned vegetables More than 10 metric tons (MT) of vegetables worth Nu 15mn were seized following the ban of green chili, cauliflower and beans in the country from 2016 till December 2018. Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) temporarily banned cauliflowers and beans […]

Taxi apps perform poorly

Three taxi apps were launched since 2017 Three online taxi booking and dispatching mobile apps were launched since 2017 with the attendant hype and marketing slogans – all promising to make taxi rides much simpler, easier and even cheaper. A year or two down the road, these mobile apps have failed to live up to […]

NEC, industries agree on collection of GHG emission

National Environment Commission (NEC) and the industries in Phuentsholing have now agreed to have a simplified method of collecting data on Green House Gas (GHG) emission from the latter last week. NEC consulted the industries last week to come up with a good system on data and information collection as mandated for NEC. The data […]

Bored? Disengage yourself for a while – Pulkit Sharma

When was the last time you experienced boredom? Was it a few days back, yesterday, today or now? How do you deal with feeling bored – do you sulk and let it be, seek refuge in any random activity, or do you find a constructive way of being with your own self? Many may consider […]

Students and parents call for re-investigation into ‘Learn and Earn’ program

The representative of the parents and students of the ‘Learn and Earn’ program in Japan has submitted an appeal letter to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to reinvestigate the case Monday. In a six page submission, it stated that though ACC has implicated the former Labor Minister and the Director General of the labor ministry for […]

Mandarin export season to end early this time

The orange export this season is not only doing good business in Phuentsholing, but it is also expected to end early this time.  The orange export season is estimated to last till January or the first week of February. However, in the past years, the season lasted till February end or March. The exporters believe […]

Let’s talk DNT pledges & accountability

It is exactly three months since the third general elections were held. The dust of 2018 elections has settled. The sound and fury spurred by fierce political competition have all but died a natural death. It is business as usual. The new government is on the steering wheel. And so far, it has managed pretty […]

The Winning Team For The History Books – Yeshey Dorji

I am encouraged to know that the 4th Pay Commission has been constituted, although there is no requirement under the Constitution that every new government should establish a Pay Commission. But this is a wise political move. Whatever recommendations the Pay Commission comes up with, the government will be blameless. And, quite obviously, the Commission […]

Drying up of water sources, a major concern

Drying up of water sources is likely to have bigger and numerous impacts unless there are specific interventions Water sources are the mainstay of Bhutan’s economy as it provides water for drinking, irrigation and hydropower generation, besides supporting the rural livelihood of about 70% of the country’s population practicing subsistence farming. And while the country […]

Clarification from Mountain Hazelnuts

Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for the article about Mountain Hazelnuts (MH). At present more than ten thousand orchards have been planted across the nation in a joint investment between farmers, communities, and the Company. While there are many encouraging developments, some of the orchards are slow to fruit for a variety of normal biological reasons. […]