DPT denies DNTโ€™s allegation of having recruited 20 youths


The general secretary of Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT), Sangay Phurba, denied allegation from Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) of DPT having had recruited 20 youths to defame DNT and its candidates on the social media and discredit the party.

During the press conference in Thimphu on Wednesday, Sangay Phurba said the allegation was false and baseless.

โ€œThe party doesnโ€™t have money even to pay the salary of our people in the party office on time and how we can pay to recruit 20 youths to defame the other party,โ€ he added.

Meanwhile, DNT president Lotay Tshering, a campaign meeting in Monggar, reportedly accused DPT of character assassination, saying that DPT had employed about 20 youths to defame DNT candidates on social media and discredit the party.

โ€œI had never done such a thing in my entire life of 50 years. No one can make a joke out of someoneโ€™s reputation or the electoral process. This is not done. This is corruption. Weโ€™ll not take part in it and we cannot compete with them,โ€ Lotay Tshering reportedly said.

He reportedly added, โ€œSince the DPT has been engaged in criticizing other partyโ€™s pledges over the successive elections in the past it could have become their habit.โ€

DPTโ€™s Sangay Phurba said DPT has also advised their candidates not to indulge in defaming others.

โ€œNone of our candidates has done that,โ€ he added.

โ€œDuring the campaign period, it is important to learn and understand whether the pledges are relevant and reasonable. It should not be construed as a criticism and even our pledges are criticized by the people, but we are not reacting to it. In fact, we are happy that we can bring improvement to our pledges,โ€ Sangay Phurba said.

He also clarified that the party is not intending to privatize hydropower projects in the country.

โ€œWhat we have mentioned is that we require participation of private sector in the construction of hydropower projects which we have clearly mentioned in our manifesto. Mudsling is on the rise every now and then on social media targeting party, candidates and individuals and itโ€™s difficult to react, but the best possible way is to ignore those,โ€ he added.

Meanwhile, DPT also issued a press release stating that DNTโ€™s allegation was a desperate way of campaigning with a sole aim to gain political mileage rather than giving a choice to the people.

โ€œDPT firmly believes that the quality of a good leader includes withstanding all kinds of criticisms and allegations,โ€ the press release stated.

According to the press release, DPT is a party founded on utmost integrity, sincerity, and dedication to serve Tsa-Wa-Sum, and they have the experience of contesting in the elections since the first general elections.

โ€œWe do not see a reason to resort to such an unethical way to win elections. Also, such as an act deviates from our principle of Equity and Justice,โ€ states the press release.

โ€œOn the contrary to what the president said, it is our party that is getting caught in a barrage of flak in social media. Some fake account holders, in their attempt to reduce our electoral chances, are going to the extent of putting the sovereignty of our nation at stake, but we have never complained to anyone. โ€

Tsheringย from Thimphu