SDF: The balancing act

A sustainable development fee (SDF) of Nu 500 is going to be imposed on regional tourists visiting the country from January 1 next year. This was introduced as a measure to mitigate carbon footprints from heavy influx of visitors and consequences such as cultural dilution among others. Hypothetically, an Indian family of four would be […]

A NC aspirant who believes in “global thinking”

  A man with an interesting track record from being a freelance tourist guide and a broker for a ginger business to an accounts assistant in a company, Ramesh Chhetri Bhandari, 32, is one among 13 National Council (NC) aspirant candidates from Tsirang. Ramesh Chettri from Mendrelgang in Tsirang wants to contest the council elections […]

Bhutan Toilet: The end to hunting bushes

Bhutan Toilet Organization (BTO) could just be the end of the proverbial Bhutanese hunt for bushes at nature’s call. The now Civil Society Organization come a long way since 2014 when it was first established to instill civic sense by replacing traditional toilet habits with modern, hygienic ones through education, advocacy and social initiative. In […]

International GNH conference discusses value-based business model

The seventh International Conference on Gross National Happiness on the theme: “GNH of Business” held from November 7-9 in Thimphu explored ways to create conditions for achieving GNH in businesses. From around 176 international and hundreds of Bhutanese participants, more than 60 experts from academia, politics, business and civil society from 29 different countries across […]


By now, anyone who has watched global news or been active on social media would have heard the constant reminders that the Russians maliciously impacted the U.S. presidential elections of 2016. It is shocking that foreign actors could have infiltrated a democracy as old and revered as the U.S’. This causes fear for the rest […]


The people around the world are different in terms of culture, religion and behaviour. People are also different in terms of gender identity. Gender identity means being a male or female. LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) are sometimes categorized as a third gender. In Bhutan, the issue of LGBT is a taboo as much […]

Disability still hugely misunderstood

Reveals a survey of 577 households from nine Dzongkhags Knowledge regarding disabilities in children is “extremely” limited with 80% of respondents to a survey including professionals holding the belief that disability is borne of karma due to past deeds, according to a report released by the Ministry of Education. The Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) […]

A graduate finds success in dairy farming

As a young graduate fresh out of the college, Surjey Dhungyel moved around hither and thither to land a job, albeit in vain. But after having decided to go through the job hunting procedures, this 26 years old Life Science graduate from Sherubtse College has finally found success in dairy farming, which he started in […]

Farmers take up quinoa farming in Namgaycholing

If the pilot project succeeds, farmers want to cultivate quinoa on a large scale next year Farmers from almost around 30 households in Namgaycholing gewog in Samtse have started working on quinoa cultivation for the first time this year. Cultivation has already been done on a small scale in the five chiwogs of the gewog […]

Fuel price dives

The Government of India has exempted the levy of excise duty on petrol and diesel From today, retail prices for petrol will decrease by Nu 10.29 a liter while the price of diesel will decrease by Nu 7.75. The government yesterday announced that the price of petrol and diesel will be reduced by about 17% […]