Wizard of Oz: The yellow brick road to confidence

All the way from remote Pemagatshel, 29 students staged The Wizard of Oz with its famed landmark, the yellow brick road, transporting the audience to a world of musical fantasy at Motithang on Monday. Pemagatshel Middle Secondary School (PMSS) students performed the drama, enacting Dorothy and her dog Toto along with their friends who follow […]

Laboratory outreach program initiated in Tsirang

The first ever laboratory outreach program was initiated in five gewogs of Sergithang, Phuentenchu, Tsirangtoe, Semjong and Barshong under Tsirang Dzongkhag from September 5. Of the total 12 livestock extension centers (LECs) in the Dzongkhag, LECs in the five gewogs are more than 28km away from the Dzongkhag Veterinary Hospital (DVH), which makes it inconvenient […]

Omchhu bridge construction begins

A new bridge is being constructed over Omchhu at the confluence of Omchhu and Amochhu. The bridge was supposed to be completed last year but was delayed due to change in designs. Bhutan Builders Private Limited agreed to construct the bridge at Nu 7.53mn after Tundi Construction from Nepal and Tachog Construction started the joint […]

Cooperatives in Bhutan-Fumbly Play

Imagine that you are a potato farmer – your livelihood is entirely dependent on that crop. And a manufacturing industrialist who makes potato chips buys most of your products. The value that is added to the finished potato chips isn’t as great as the differential between the profits from your potatoes and the finish potato […]

Bhutan celebrates International Democracy Day

Bhutan Center for Media and Democracy launched television series “Jurwa” (Changing Times) and a music video “Dear Prime Minister” yesterday at city cinema hall accompanied by talks from the five political parties representatives on the state of democracy in Bhutan, coinciding with the International Democracy Day on Friday. Bhutan is already into its ninth year […]

PDP sifting prospective candidates

With the upcoming elections, parties are either confirming incumbent candidates or are on the lookout for new candidates who will replace outgoing ones. Speaker Jigme Zangpo and the Member of Parliament (MP) from the Dewathang – Gomdar Constituency in Samdrup Jongkhar, Mingbo Dukpa, will not contest in the 2018 elections due to the age factor, […]

PPI increases by 5%

The year-on-year inflation rate as measured by Producer Price Index (PPI) for April, May and June this year as compared to the same months of the previous year is recorded at 4.79%, 5.15% and 5.29% respectively The year-on-year inflation rate has increased on an average of 5.08% from the second quarter month of the previous […]

Monsoon impedes Bhutan Lottery sales

During the first year of its operation, the monsoon rains affected the sales of Bhutan Lottery Limited (BLL). Rainfall would often disrupt sales and damage tickets. While lottery sales could go up to 60% other seasons, only 40% was sold during summer. Also, since most of the ticket sellers are mobile, the season posed several […]

Hydropower construction delays to affect economy

Bhutan maintained solid growth and macroeconomic stability in the first half of 2017. However, delays in hydropower construction could affect macroeconomic prospects in the coming years, according to the World Bank report on the Bhutan economic update. Given the size and importance of hydropower projects in the economy, delays are likely to have significant negative […]

BoB launches new cash-free payment facility

People will not have to carry cash anymore! Bank of Bhutan (BoB) has introduced the first ever “scan to pay” facility enabling merchants to accept electronic payment from customers. The first Quick Response (QR) payment scan to pay is available through the bank’s popular mobile banking application (mBoB). The scan to pay features enable merchants […]