Democratic indecision?

Bhutanese democracy is less than a decade old. And within this short span of time we have already seen the power and potentialities actors playing their part in the field can wield notwithstanding the pitfalls they are prone to. One strong criticism the ruling government has received so far is that of its so-called failure […]

Sexagenarian to contest for post of Radhi Gup

Though some students said language could be a possible problem Peky Samal from Radhi, Trashigang Three decades back when Kulung, all of 34, and a seasoned Drungyig (gewog clerk) ventured out to surmount new challenges as the Gup of Radhi Gewog in Trashigang, the settlement was remote and isolated with few basic amenities. Farm roads […]

Aunt and niece compete for the same Tshogpa post

Yenten Thinley from Trongsa An aunt and her niece will face off on Tuesday’s local government election. A mother of three, Pemba from Gormala Thang village in Samchoeling Gewog in Trongsa and her niece, Sonam Tshomo, a Vocational Training Institute graduate, are running for the post of tshogpa in Drakteng Gewog in Trongsa. “As a […]

Educated and empowered: Female Tshogpa candidates in Boomdeling

Peky Samal from Boomdeling,Trashiyangtse Educated women, even if they are non-formally, are becoming a force to reckon with, if the portfolio of the only three women Local Government (LG) candidates in Boomdeling gewog in Trashiyangtse is anything to go by. All of them are vying for post of Tshogpa in their respective chiwogs. Thirty-four year […]