Never die spirit


Yenten Thinley
from Bumthang

Her humble appearance and humility hides her grit and determination. Thirty-nine-year old tshogpa candidate from Changwang village under Chojor village, Jampal, says she will contest in the local government elections till she turns 65.
A mother of four, Jampal dropped out of high school to look after her ageing parents. “Even if I lose, I will contest until I succeed,” she says. “While participation is important, I would also like to win and serve the people.”
She has a pretty good plan. “The reason to contest for the post of the Tshogpa is to gain experience and once I have the required experience, I will run for the post of mangmi and then for the post of gup,” says Jampal.
“If elected I will serve the people of my gewog with all my heart and soul and fulfill all their expectations”, she adds.
Jampal is of the view that women can also be equally if not more capable than male candidates. ‘It’s time to change such old traditional mindset,” she says. “I think that women can do what men can”.
She says she is fortunate that her husband and family fully support her. “I only hope more women would come to vote and support women candidates,” says Jampal. “During campaign, there are more women attending the meetings but not many of them turn out to vote. They should come and vote and support female leaders,” she says.