Lhamoizhingkha Gup candidates: a varied choice


Krishna Ghalley
from Lhamoizhingkha, Dagana

Lhamoizhingkha Gewog in Dagana has quite an array of candidates to choose from for the post of gup – former gup Sherab Gyeltshen, Surja Bdr. Limboo, Hari Gurung, Karma Sherpa and Lobzang Jimba.
Sherab Gyeltshen is re-contesting for his second term. The 49-year-old from Lungsisa secured 40 votes of 86 total votes from his chiwog.
If elected, former Gup has plans to continue providing and maintaining water supply and irrigation channels. Also, he plans to construct farm roads to unreached villages. He also plans to solve the electricity problems in the gewog. “Though all the villages are electrified, but there is frequent disruption during summer due to lightning. So if re-elected, I am planning to solve all those,” he said.
With the experience on local government administration, Sherab Gyeltshen said that he would not face much challenge in executing the roles and responsibilities of gup.
Surja Bdr. Limboo, 41, is constesting from Tshamzhi-Gosa chiwog after winning primary round by securing 110 ‘Yes’ votes out of 129 total votes.
Surja Bdr. Limbo has completed Class X from Nganglam Higher Secondary School, Pemagatshel. He has worked for 11 years in various companies like Tashi Commercial Corporation, Druk Thuendrel Lerig and Construction Development Corporation Limited.
Apart from basic facilities like providing safe drinking water, farm roads and irrigation channel, Surja Bdr. Limboo plans to stress on efficient public service delivery in the gewog. “People can communicate effectively and have close network in and outside the gewog,” he said.
Another candidate, Lobzang Jimba, 44, from Kuendrelthang Chiwog secured 40 ‘Yes’ votes of 57 total votes. If elected, Lobzang Jimba plans to protect the villages that are prone to landslides and floods form the Sunkosh River. “All the villages which are on the banks are victims of the flood. So I will approach the government and take some measures to protect them,” he said.
Also, he plans to revive agriculture with the practice of mechanized faming and use organic fertilizers. Lobzang Jimba also served as the village Tshogpa since 2007.
Hari Gurung is another candidate from Tshongsamling chiwog. He secured 52 out of 78 votes. Hari Gurung has worked for more than 20 years in the Department of Agriculture.
His first priority if elected is to combat rural-urban migration through different skills completions among the villages and the youth. He also plans to create awareness on the unnecessary damage to the environment while carrying out development activities including managing waste and prevention of forest fires.
Having worked in the agriculture sector, Hari Gurung said he will focus on maintaining at least a kitchen garden in every household for food self sufficiency and to reduce imports.
Karma Sherpa, 39, is another aspiring candidate from Lhamoizhingkha chiwog. Karma Sherpa secured 90 votes of 133 to bag the nomination.
Having served as a Mangmi for seven years in the gewog from 2002, Karma Sherpa is counting on his experience. If elected, he said will be a guide for the needy villagers facing land and census issues. “I cannot promise them as we don’t have the right but I assure that we can provide them necessary support,” he said.
Apart from basic facilities, he plans electrify and connect Pabji village with a farm road. The village is six hours walk from the gewog office.
Karma Sherpa said that Lhamoizhingkha, bordering with Indian state of Assam, will not be free of turmoil. “It will be difficult. If anything happens in India, it affects our gewog. However, I will try my best to solve all the issues,” he said.
Lhamoizhingkha gewog has five chiwogs and more than 25 villages and up to 1800 registered voters.