Experience versus Education


Alka Katwal
from Sarpang

Kumar Mongor, 40, and Guru Wangchuk, 38, are both set to prove their mettle if elected to the post of gup of Samtenling Gewog in Sarpang. The former has the experience and the latter, education qualification.
This is Kumar Mongor’s second attempt. He lost in the first Local Government (LG) Election in 2011. A former Gaydrung (clerk) for 10 years, he says, this time around he has a better chance at winning. Yet he understands that it is not easy to win the votes. “Convincing people is a challenge,” says Kumar Mongor.
Having worked as clerk for a decade, Kumar Mongor understands the roles and responsibilities of the gewog administration. And that experience might just work for him. “During my tenure as the Gaydrung, I noticed that a gewog’s wellbeing and development solely depend on the gup’s ability and leadership qualities,” he said.
Kumar Mongor completed his class X but could not continue higher education due to personal reasons. When asked about his main priorities, he said, that would solely depend on what the people want. “A gup has to discuss and decide that with the people,” he says. From Chokorling Chiwog, Guru Wangchuk who has a Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA). He worked in the private sector for a decade. He resigned from his earlier job as an administrative officer and returned to his village to work as an educated farmer. “When I started working in my village, I realized the importance of a capable gup,” he says. And that’s inspired him to contest for the post of gup.
Like his fellow candidate Kumar Mongor, Guru Wangchuk says his priorities will entirely depend on what people of Samtenling need.
There are 216 candidates contesting during the LG election in Sarpang Dzongkhag. Out of 216, 38 are male candidates for the post of Gup, 38 Magmi candidates and 105 candidates are running for the post of Tshogpa. From 35 female candidates, one is for the post of Gup, two for Magmi and 32 for Tshogpa.