despite river training works, bathpalathang airport will finish on time


“The river training work has assumed more importance  for safety of the airport without which it may prove catastrophic”: the  civil aviation director general, Phala Dorji

With the recently discovered need to start river protection works for Batpalathang domestic airport, the work for the contractor has doubled.  The river training work has now assumed priority for the safety of the upcoming airport.

The chore has become inevitable owing to threats posed by the Chamkhar Chu last year.

When His Majesty visited the airport site in November, he had expressed his concern over the criticality of river protection work for safeguarding the airport. The delicacy of the river embankment on both the northern and southern sides and along the runway has become important before the onset of the next monsoon.

After that, the information and communication minister Lyonpo Nandalal Rai who went to the site investigated the issue and has also asked to accelerate the work.

“The Bumthang and the Yongpula airports are coming up well. “I am very impressed with the pace at which the Batpalathang airport is shaping up,”  he said.

So the completion of the river protection work for Batpalathang has been expedited before the onset of the next monsoon.

The minister during his visit directed the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) to take up with the concerned authority for seeking funds and execution of the work without delay.

Following the instructions, the DCA put up a proposal for the Phase II work to the information and communication ministry and Gross National Happiness Commission along with technical estimate and drawings. The proposed fund is Nu 78mn to carry out river protection work.

“The river training work has assumed more importance for safety of the airport without which it may prove catastrophic ,” said the director general of DCA, Phala Dorji.

Waiting upon the release of funds for river protection work, the ministry of finance has already approved the budget and with this DCA has already floated tenders for the work. According to the director general, the Yongpula airport is almost ready but still has some finishing works and Batpalathang is expected to be finished for the launch before March 1 next year.