construction of biggest technical school on track


The construction of the largest training institute in the country, Jigmeling Institute of Mechanical Engineering (JIME), expected to be complete by the end of August 2013, is well on track completing the first three months of its timeline.

The 128mn project in the south began in February this year and is being carried out by Singye Constructions Pvt. Limited.

Yanka Dawa,the ceo of the construction company, said that about 10mn worth of construction work is completed in a month by 13 contractors who have been deployed at the site.

“The company is putting in all it can to complete the works on time,” he said.

A labor ministry  source said that when the institute is complete the 138 students of Sershong Institute will be moved to the new institute and Sershong will then be converted into a hydropower training institute.

The chief program officer of the  ministry said that it was very important for the project to be complete before the end of the current plan period as a delay would cause budget problems.

“The completion of the project will become difficult if the project is shifted to the 11th Plan period,” he said.

Meanwhile, like all other construction companies in the country, labor seems to be hindering the timely completion of the project.

“We need to solve these issues first to complete the construction on time,” he said.

Meanwhile the institute will have 16 buildings including academic blocks, multipurpose hall, hostels and staff quarters. It will initially offer five courses in mechanical engineering for its first batch of 288 students.